Solar Collectors and Panels, Theory and Applications

edited by

Reccab M. Ochieng

The title of this book was specifically chosen to encompass all the chapters presented in the book. Solar collectors and panels have become household and industrial items being used for power production, heating, cooling and are even being used for outer space research because of their environmentally friendly nature.

The reason for writing this book was to put together some material which are related in a way and can give those interested in the field of renewable energy a quick start but can also provide detailed information on what is going on in the dynamic area of solar collectors and panels research...

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When considering how best to present a volume on organic solar cells, we quickly realized the inherent complexity and depth of the topic. On one hand, it is a technology on the verge of commercialization, while on the other hand, there still remain a large range of fundamental and technological questions to be answered. These include a better understanding of the physical processes occurring within and at the interfaces of active and interlayers, device architectures optimized simultaneously for performance and lifetime, and remaining challenges related to large-scale cost-efficient manufacturing. In order to enable industrial implementation of organic photovoltaics (OPV), parallel progress in these and many other pertinent areas is required...

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