Solar Generator Power Loss Resulting from Partial Shading and Mismatch Loss

As noted in Section 4.2.2, power in a solar module and the relevant string decreases dramatically if individual solar cells or entire modules are partly shaded.

Power loss also occurs, albeit to a lesser degree, if module characteristic curves are mismatched as the result of unavoidable manufacturing tolerance discrepancies, namely unequal Pmax, VMPP and IMpp. Such scenarios are referred to as solar generator mismatches, which can also be induced by unshaded modules with identical solar module characteristic curves if a string module does not exhibit exactly the same insolation as the result of a factor such as unequal diffuse radiation conditions. Hence, effective solar generator power PAo is always lower than rated solar generator power PGo — nM ■ PMo as in Equation 1.6.

Updated: August 5, 2015 — 8:32 pm