Case – studies

1.1. Case-study buildings

Two case study buildings were considered. Case-study 1 is a T1 apartment (with one bedroom) located in the ground floor of a 6-floor apartment building [4]. The second case-study is a T3 detached dwelling (three bedrooms). Table 2 presents for each the main characteristics influencing their thermal behaviour.

1.2. Climatic regions / locations analysed

As stated in the introduction, one of the aims of this study is to understand the influence of the climate in the resultant energy label, and what levels of envelope and equipment sophistication are needed to cope with the climate (first to fulfil the regulation and then to reach class A+) in each of the locations. To this purpose, a selection of locations was made in an attempt to represent the

diversity of climate of mainland Portugal. The locations selected were: Lisboa, Faro, Guarda, Penhas Douradas, Evora, Viana do Castelo and Bragan? a.

Table 3 shows the main characteristics of each zone in order to understand the difference between them.

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