DC/DC Power Converter Design Constraints Current and Voltage Output

The maximum output current and voltage deliverable by the PV emulator have to be defined on the basis of the operating conditions of the considered PV generator.

It should be observed that the maximum output current is the short circuit current at the highest solar irradiance, while the maximum output voltage is the maximum open circuit voltage.

Once these design constraints are fixed, the maximum allowable load variation must range from the infinity impedance (open circuit condition) to an impedance as much as low to permit approaching the above described short circuit condition.

It is worth noting that the mere short circuit condition, corresponding to a null load is not compatible with the converter operation as deduced by the transfer functions given in Sect. 7.13.

Finally, the electrical load must be able to correctly dissipate the power delivered by the PV emulator.

Updated: August 20, 2015 — 2:28 am