Solar Cooking

Here’s a fun and potentially productive project that anybody can do. For less than $50, you can make a good solar oven. You can easily save this much in power bills over the course of a sunny season, and if you make your oven with enough quality, you can use it most of the year. Plus, in the summer, you won’t be heating your house with conventional cooking.

Solar Hat Fans

This is a cheap toy, but a fun one. Give solar hat fans as gifts that people will remember for their novelty. Kids will have a gas with them. Solar hat fans are small solar-powered fans that clip onto your hat visor, and they cost only $10 apiece. If you’ve got a business, put your logo on the fans and hand them out to potential customers. Look up www. realgoods. com for a supply.

Updated: August 20, 2015 — 5:48 pm