Sheltering Living Spaces from the Sun

Trellises are good projects because they’re functional as well as nice looking. You can make them out of wood or synthetic material. You can even get kits of aluminum parts. Plant some flowering vines around your trellis, and the results will be fantastic.

Awnings allow you to really shine in the design department. You can sauce up a plain old window with a good awning, and if you design it right, you can take advantage of the winter sunshine and then block the summer sun from shining in.

Overhangs are really nothing more than glorified awnings. You can really change the look and functionality of a house with one strategically designed overhang. You can take a rectangular, boxy house and make it look inter­esting and appealing for a very low cost. You don’t need a county building permit or inspection if you keep your project reasonably modest.

Chapter 9 has more tips for each of these projects.

Updated: August 21, 2015 — 4:27 am