Is ray-tracing analysis appropriate for thin-film cells?

We determine the carrier generation rate in thin-film cells with textured surfaces, such as those shown in Figure 5.8 on p. 128, by Monte Carlo ray-tracing. The author’s ray­tracing program SUNRAYS [26] is extensively used in the present study and by many Si solar cell groups. While many simulation studies can be found in the literature, direct comparisons of experimental and simulated reflectance spectra of textured Si solar cells are rare. In order to justify the ray-tracing approach we compare simulated reflectance spectra of textured thin-film cells with the spectra measured.

Using the program SUNRAYS, we investigate various texture-shapes that are appli­cable to thin-film Si cells [27, 28]. We search for texture shapes that have a large path length enhancement. This theoretical study will also reveal what the key design parame­ters of faceted light trapping textures are.

Updated: July 31, 2015 — 1:37 pm