Commercial Use of CdS/CdTe

Abstract The simple production technology and the relatively high stability of the CdS/CdTe solar cell has made it attractive for mass production. It has been one of the first thin-film solar cells. In combination with a thin layer of CdS it is attractive at about 16 % efficiency. Compared to other known solar cells it can be reliably produced in large areas with panel efficiency approaching 15 % and at a produc­tion cost of less than $1/Watt. Currently it is already deployed in many gigaWatt worldwide. Even though Cd is highly toxic, encapsulated it does not present an en­vironmental hazard. Recent studies have confirmed that the terrestrial reserves of Te are sufficient to permit an explosive growth of the industry.

In this chapter we will summarize the technical and economical importance of the CdS/CdTe solar cells on the energy conversion market.

Updated: August 23, 2015 — 11:00 am