Which flour is better to use for croissants?

The croissant dough should have a number of features that will help the finished baking to be flawless.

First of all, the dough should be elastic. Density and elasticity appear because to proteins. Proteins are found in flour. Their content can be increased as a result of increasing the quality of grain milling. The company “Grain Improvers” has developed enzymes that are used in the process of flour milling. Enzymes impact of the grain shell, to make it soft. This allows the production to get the maximum amount of high-quality flour. After all, the most high-quality raw materials are located next to the shell. Of course, the volume of flour increases as a result of grinding. Compared to the same volume of grain that could be ground without the use of enzymes. Meanwhile, flour products with a high protein content stay fresh longer. The water absorption of flour increases. The dough becomes strong. This dough is necessary for high-quality baking.

The layers in the production of puff pastry are rolled out in very thin layers to obtain a layered structure. The finished product after baking should have a shape. It should be elastic and retain layers. These properties are provided by starch in the composition of flour. An important standard is the quality of starch. Grain Improvers Premium increase the overall flour indicators. Accordingly, the quality of its composition increases. You can forget about the habitual additives, such as preservatives and emulsifiers. And give preference to natural formulations

To tell the truth, the enzymes used in the grain processing process help make the baking process simple. Milling industries should look towards cost reduction. Grain can be used more efficiently with good preparation. In addition, the enzymes give a clean label to the finished product. There are only pluses in the decision to use enzymes.

Updated: August 22, 2022 — 11:16 am