Unemployment and Poverty

Unemployment and poverty could easily be eliminated. (There are none in the Israeli Kibbutz settlements.) We would have neighbourhood work coordination committees who would make sure that all who wanted work had a share of the work that needed doing. Far less work would need to be done than at present. (In our present society we probably work three times too hard!)

11.7.1 There Would be No Economic Growth

We would produce only as much as is needed to provide all with a high quality of life. There would be no increase in the amount of producing and consuming over time. In fact we would always be looking for ways of reducing the amount of work, production and resource use.

The average dollar income and GDP per person would be far lower than they are now, people would be far less wealthy in conventional dollar terms, but the quality of life of all could be far higher than the average now. People will need very little money to live well in the communities described. Their money income or wealth will be an insignificant determinant of their quality of life. Again this will derive primarily from the “wealth” of their surrounding society, including the landscape, commons, festi­vals, solidarity, community facilities and social networks.

Updated: October 27, 2015 — 12:08 pm