The Simpler Way is not opposed to modern technology. In fact there will be more resources available for research and development of the things that matter, such as better medical services and windmill design, than there are now, when the vast sums presently wasted on unnecessary products, and arms, cease being spent.

However it is a mistake to think better technology is important in solving global problems, let alone the key. Most of the things we need in The Simpler Way can be produced by traditional technologies. Hand tools can produce excellent food, clothes, furniture, houses, etc., and craft production is in general the most satisfying way. Of course we will use machinery where that makes sense and many basic items could be mass produced in automated factories. There would also be intensive research into improving crops and techniques, especially for deriving chemicals, drugs and materials from local plant sources. There will also be more resources than at present to invest in realms that have “spiritual” significance rather than economic value, such as astronomy, history, philosophy, the arts and humanities.

Updated: October 27, 2015 — 12:08 pm