Challenges and barriers

Information and dissemination

Lack of awareness is a general problem for the greater uptake of REHC technologies. It is why they are often not taken into account in municipal planning or in private building investments (IEA, 2007b). Appropriate labelling of REHC appliances could help to overcome this information barrier (Maniatis, 2006).

Challenges and barriers Подпись: 53

Commerce, service and industry sectors are increasingly showing greater awareness of REHC options but their financial performance requirements for a comparative investment are often high. Technologies that are not yet competitive are seldom applied unless some form of government support exists.

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Challenges and barriers Challenges and barriers Challenges and barriers Подпись: "О с го Challenges and barriers Challenges and barriers

Figure 24 • Geothermal heat use in IEA countries for heat pumps and direct space heating applications

Note: data from Lund et al., 2005.

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