Current activities

A great number of heat storage systems are now in operation or under construction in Sweden. The energy sources are mainly solar heat, waste or surplus heat. Some of the heat storage systems are directly connected to large district heating systems.

Current activities may be exemplified by the following projects {detailed information is given in the attached summary sheets):

Ingelstad, concrete tank, in operation since 1979

Lambohov, concrete tank, " 1980

Uppsala, steel tank " 1978

Sodertuna, steel tank, pre-study 1982

Studsvik, pit magasin " 1979

Avesta, unlined open rock cavern " 1982

Lyckebo, unlined open rock cavern 11 1983

Kopparberg, abandoned mine, pre-study 1982

Tran3s, aquifer, pre-study 1982

Klippan, aquifer, pre-study 1982

Kungsbacka (SUNCLAY), clay, in operation since 1980

Huddinge, heat-pile in clay, " 1981

Upplands Vasby, clay, pre-study 1982

LuleS, multiple well system, construction compl. 1982

Stora Skuggan, multiple well system, pre-study 1982

Sodertuna, multiple well system, pre-study 1982

Heat storage in clay, peat and aquifers.

Potential studies 1980-1983

Подпись: continuously received for the continuing research and development activities. In a current project, at the University of Lund, analyses and modelling of ground heat storage systems are carried through. The analyses and models cover a wide range of storage concepts thus giving considerable contribution to the rapid development of many storage systems. In addition to the projects mentioned above a great number of laboratory tests, field tests, etc., are going on.

Operating plants are now under evaluation and feed back is

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