Power Line Technologies

Power Line Communication (PLC) technologies explore the use of electric power lines as a medium to convey a bidirectional data exchange. In recent years, SG activities, in-building communications and home automation have brought a lot of attention to PLC as an alternative to unwanted or impractical wiring to setup communication networks. Power lines are inherently exposed to time-frequency varying noise, unmatched loads and interference from electrical or communication devices. The fact that in electric distribution networks power lines vary from grounded to overhead lines introduces further challenges in using this type of medium to exchange data. National legislation in different countries has intro­duced different limits in the transmission power and accepted frequency bands. For these reasons a large number of PLC technologies have been developed, each one addressing different applications and thus targeting different throughput values, frequency bands and channel access mechanisms. Implementations of PLC can be globally divided into narrow and broadband versions.

Updated: October 23, 2015 — 12:41 pm