. Oscillation Damping Using Local Feedback Signals

Fed by a local frequency signal, Wind PSS could efficiently damp local frequency fluctuations or oscillations. A case study of wind generators in damping local frequency oscillation triggered by a line trip disturbance is given below. From Fig. 8.16, the local frequency oscillation is well damped by Wind PSS controllers with local feedback signals. The corresponding active power fluctuation in Fig. 8.17 demonstrates that the variable-speed wind generator could provide damping electrical torque effectively if with Wind PSS Control.

Just like conventional PSS, Wind PSS could also play a significant role in inter­area oscillation damping. In this case, a generation trip is simulated to trigger the inter-area oscillation between the Northwestern and Southern parts (NW-South) of the EI, as monitored in the real grid [28]. Fed by local frequency signal, the inter­area oscillation damping effect of Wind PSS could also be significant, as illustrated in Fig. 8.18.

Updated: October 23, 2015 — 12:41 pm