TM Waves for FDTD Simulation

In the 2D TM wave case (Ex, Hy, Ez—nonzero components, propagation along with Z, transverse field variations along with X) in lossless media, Maxwell’s equations take the following form [20]:

Подпись: OEz 10Hy Ot e Ox * TM Waves for FDTD Simulation
OHy _ 1 OEx OEz OEx _ 1 OHy

Ot i0 Oz Ox ; Ot i0 Oz ’

The location of the TM fields in the computational domain (mesh) follows the same philosophy as shown in Fig. 12.

Now, the electric field components Ex and Ez are associated with the cell edges, while the magnetic field Hy is located at the cell center.

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