Observations and L^esns Learned

Charles A. Bankston, Donald A. Beattie, and Frederick H. Morse

As promised in chapter 1, we have ended this volume with our obser­vations and lessons learned during the course of our energy program experience. Readers of the other volumes will find specific lessons learned relating to the various technical aspects of solar heat technologies, and volume 10 includes an “Evaluation Discussion” of the demonstration program that is a compendium of lessons learned from that program. The following discussion, however, in keeping with the wide perspective of volume 1, looks at some of the broader issues. It examines the propriety of government involvement in energy, and it discusses policies and prac­tices that affected the success or failure of the gove^rnment-sponsored solar energy RD&D program in the context of other energy programs. Although the acronyms R&D and RD&D have been used somewhat interchangeably, both in this and earlier chapters, not all government energy R&D programs lead to the second D, “demonstration.”

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