Electric design and grid connection

The Nieuwland project was designed on the basis of each house having an individual PV system. The sizes of individual systems vary between 0.8kWp and 4.4kWp. Each house has its own inverter and a feed-in kWh-meter. The main suppliers of inverters were Mastervolt and ASP.

The illustration below illustrates the electric configuration ofindividual systems. The inverters are normally placed in the attic. There are two separate kWh-meters, one for PV generation and one for electricity consumption.

The electricity generated by the solar systems is supplied into the public grid. During the preparation of the project, REMU analysed the potential capacity problems in the PV district. In order to avoid potential capacity problems,

Electric design and grid connection


Electric design of individual PV systems

Source: © Horisun/Rencom

especially during the summer months when most of the tenants are on vacation, REMU provided some adaptations in the local public grid. These were: heavier distribution cables and transformers with enhanced power (one 630 kilovolt-Amp (kVA) and two 400kVA instead of one 400kVA and two 250kVA) in the low voltage grid.

Up to 2008, no serious problems have occurred with regard to the grid connection.

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