Cамая a large solar power thermal power plant of

in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) was officially started on March 17 the largest solar power thermal power plant in the World. In spite of the fact that the United Arab Emirates are one of world leaders in oil branch, the state actively develops also ecologically safe power sources. Production of renewable energy will allow to keep important for the United Arab Emirates hydrocarbonic resources and will promote reduction of harmful emissions in the atmosphere in the territory. Cамая a large solar power thermal power plant of Shams-1: the largest solar power station Power plant Shams-1 (Shams-1) possesses capacity of 100 MWt and is the largest solar power station reformative thermal energy of the sun in the electric power in the World. The power plant Shams-1 occupies the space more than 2,5 km ? and consists of 768 parabolic mirror concentrators. These reflectors concentrate sunlight along a heatreception tube. In this tube the heat-carrier on the basis of oil circulates, being warmed up to 400 °C. The warmed-up liquid arrives on the heatexchange device where the heat-carrier is transformed to steam at temperature about 390 °C. This steam arrives on the steam generator where there is a process of transformation of the electric power the same as usual steam power plants.Cамая a large solar power thermal power plant of The parabolic concentrator the Solar power thermal power plant of Shams-1 was constructed by a consortium of the Masdar companies of Abu Dhabi (60 %), the French Total (20 %) and the Spanish Abengoa Solar (20 %). In Abu Dhabi declare that the Shams-1 project is the biggest contribution of the United Arab Emirates in the sphere of renewable power industry of the Middle East. It is enough power plant capacities for connection about 170 000 private houses. According to designers of a solar power station, in the majority of the large cities the peak of consumption falls on evening, however in the United Arab Emirates this peak falls on day when central airs therefore the station can cover peak loading of an electricity join.

Updated: August 24, 2015 — 12:41 pm