System Description

Here, two integrated systems namely quintuple-flash integrated with electro­lyzer (system 1) and quintuple-flash integrated with SMR (system 2) are stud­ied as shown schematically in Fig. 4.1. The first step in both systems is power production using the geothermal quintuple-flash system as shown in Fig. 4.2. In quintuple-flash systems, geothermal water enters at high pressure and tem­perature at state 1. The pressure of the geothermal water is than dropped subse­quently using an expansion valve, which helps in generating steam. The steam is then collected from the top of the separator and is supplied to the turbine at

state 3. In the turbine, the steam expands to generate power and leaves at state 4. From the separator, liquid water is collected at state 8 and is passes through the second expansion valve where its pressure drops (state 9). The steam generated is then collected from the top part of the second separator (state 10), which later combines with steam at state 4 leaves at state 5 to enter a second turbine. In the second turbine, steam entering at state 5 expands and generates power. The liquid geothermal water collected from the bottom of the second separator (state 7) then passes through a third expansion valve. This process is repeated until streams 25 and 26 are re-injected into the geothermal well. The power produced by the quin­tuple-flash power plant is supplied to the electrolyzer (system 1) and the SMR (system 2). In the electrolyzer, power is used to break apart water molecules to produce hydrogen. In the SMR, methane is compressed to increase its pressure and water is then pumped to match the pressure of the methane. Methane and steam then passes through the reformer, shift reactor, and hydrogen separation system as showing in Fig. 4.3. The hydrogen produced in these systems can later be used to produce heat and power using a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC). The exhaust gases produced by the SMR are released to the environ­ment.

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