Driving a Hybrid

The cost of a hybrid auto or truck is higher than the cost of an equivalent gasoline-powered vehicle, but you’ll get much better gas mileage, and you’ll be emitting a lot less pollution. So while the upfront cost may be more, you’ll see savings all along the way in terms of paying for gas. See Chapter 19 for more details on driving hybrids.

Hybrids are here now, and there are more and more of them on the road every year. Most major auto manufacturers offer various versions of hybrids, so your choices are broad, and getting more so every year. Many auto manu­facturers offer their conventionally powered autos with hybrid options (for instance, Camry, by Toyota). You won’t be able to tell the difference in per­formance, but your gasoline bills will be much smaller.

There’s a less direct effect as well. When you buy a hybrid, you help reduce the cost of future hybrids so that even more people will get into the game.

The cost of any manufactured product is a function of how many of them are built, so the more hybrids on the road, the less they will cost. When you buy a hybrid, you’re investing in the future in both a direct and indirect way.

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