Solar collector of new generation from Sunmaster of

One of leading producers of solar collectors and the equipment in Austria the Master Energy Systems GmbH company presented at the international Intersolar exhibition in Munich an innovative product. It is a solar collector with a so-called absorber of "bionicist". The first pilot lot is already established and works at one of company plants. Full-scale deliveries of these collectors will begin in 2013.

In the majority of solar collectors the absorber is a copper or aluminum leaf with the high-selective covering put on its surface. To a bottom of a plate attach tubes on which the heat-carrier circulates. These tubes are connected to a plate by means of welding or a soldering method. Process of transfer of warmth occurs exactly in these parts connections. Under existing conditions process of transfer of thermal energy is very limited and not the absolutely uniform. Reliability of such joints too can be low, especially when using various materials of a plate and tubes. The essence of an innovation consists in a unique and new design of an absorber of a solar collector. In the absorbing panel the channels reminding pro-veins in leaves of plants are located. The absorber represents two plates connected among themselves in such a manner that these pro-veins are widespread on all surface of an absorber. It allows to optimize process of transfer of thermal energy and increases efficiency of a solar collector because heat exchange occurs on all surface of an absorber. Solar collector of new generation from Sunmaster of Very important factor is that new process of production will not lead «bionic solar collectors» to rise in price of a solar collector.

Updated: August 24, 2015 — 12:41 pm