‘The hub’s pinching something up to 35 per cent of the waves’ energy’ (Email objection, p23).

As identified by Jess and Massey (1995) the notion of ownership is invoked in symbolic and moral ways rather than a legal sense. Many of the objections raised relate to a sense of who owns the waves. There are many references to the oceans and waves being ‘God-given’ and that they are everyone’s to enjoy. The developer is therefore often accused of ‘stealing’ the waves in the emails and letters from surfers (as in the quote above).

The development is seen by some supporters as locals ‘doing their bit’ for climate change or energy production. In contrast to the issues over the ownership of the waves and the sea, here a sense of ownership is used by some actors to attempt to mobilize support for the development – a sense of wanting to show what our place has achieved and stands for.

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