Results of Single Criteria Analysis

The results of single criteria assessment within the analysis are presented. Comparing the considered options according to the environment indicators, e. g. see Fig. 2-indicator of sulfur dioxide emission, it can be noticed that renewable resources, hydropower plant, and clean fossil fuel technologies as Combined cycle gas turbine station and fluidised-bed combustion, are in advantage in reference to the reconstructed conventional coal-fueled stations.


Fig. 2. Comparision of S02 indicators within single criteria analysis

The opposite to this, the comparison of economic indicators, e. g. indicator of investment—see Fig. 3, options of coal-fired power plant is preferable in comparison to the renewable resources.

These are obvious examples of unreliability of single criteria analysis, when selection of the most convenient energy system depends exclusively on selected criteria. Consequently, subjectivity of decision-making process is strongly expressed.


Fig. 3. Comparison of investment indicators within single criteria analysis.