The Vehicle

The vehicle being used in the project (Fig. 1) is based on the standard Diesel powered Citaro bus commercialized by EvoBus (a subsidiary of the DaimlerChrysler group). The engine and transmission are located in the same position and the vehicle offers the same

passenger space. In order to increase the reliability of the vehicle, the changes have been reduced to a minimum, keeping as much of the conventional bus parts as possible.


Fig. 1. The CUTE project bus.

The entire fuel cell system is located on the roof of the bus (Fig. 2). This required some changes in the suspension and chassis in order to cope with the extra weight in a high location. This has been decided based on several considerations:

Safety in terms of accidents, as the rooftop of the bus is rarely damaged in the case of a collision;

In the case of leakage, the hydrogen is immediately vented to the atmosphere;

The location provides easy access for maintenance.