Results and Discussion

1.2. Fast Pyrolysis Treatments

The main results of sample devolatilisation in the HTWM reactor are reported in Table 2. In particular, for each sample the mass of volatiles released in the HTWM reactor, the char mass and the mass of residual ash yielded in the subsequent TPO experiment are listed as percentage with respect to the initial sample mass (on dry basis).

In the same table the amounts of ash, volatile matter and fixed carbon obtained for each unblended component according to the ASTM standards are also reported. Comparing the percentage values obtained for each quantity with that achieved by standard analysis, it appears evident that the ash amounts are practically the same while the relative amounts of volatiles are markedly higher when measured through the HTWM reactor (Table 2). Correspondingly, the amount of char yielded results significantly lower than the relative quantity of fixed carbon.