Frequency Distribution and Distribution Types for Clear Day Horizontal Beam Irradiation Index

The frequency distribution of the clear day horizontal beam irradiation index for the database consisting of all 12 months is shown in Fig. 4.9. Since the data are normalized, viz., Kb c = Hb/Ho, it is to be expected that the distribution type should be independent of month or season. This was in fact confirmed by comparing the

Fig. 4.9 Annual frequency distribution of Kb>c – type V

Fig. 4.10 Annual frequency distribution of Kd>c – type III

distribution types for the four seasons (the individual monthly databases were too narrow for distribution analysis). It is observed from Fig. 4.9 that the distribution of Kbc is a type V, i. e., a narrow peak with a negative tail, which is the most preferred type for solar energy conversion systems.

Updated: August 1, 2015 — 7:13 pm