System structure

The system structure of the "Tuvalu Visualization Project" is described below:

3.4 Portrait and interview record: it is stored in the database (MySQL) after being correlated to each other, and it is retrieved through the PHP script generating the kml dynamically. The location oriented display and random display mode is switchable by the use of the network link.

3.5 Sending the comment and visualization of communication: the comments to the database is stored by retrieving the PHP script of the server from the interface of Google Earth. When the comment record and the line display is updated, the newest data is loaded to the client side when the view is refleshed on Google Earth.

3.6 Landscape photographs (with GPS information): after granting the creative-commons license, they are uploaded to the photograph sharing service, and are retrieved from the static kml file.

3.6 Landscape photographs (for Ultra High Definision photograph overlay): after implementing the tile separation function, they are stored in the directory in the Web, and are retrieved from the static kml file.

3.7 Overlay: it is stored in the directory on the Web, and is retrieved from the static kml file. All of these kml files are set to be read via the single network link kml file which the client will download. Still, the actual transmission uses the kmz file which is compression of kml. Also, all of the kml file mentioned above is made public on the website. It is recommended to be consulted together with the kml reference.

Updated: September 23, 2015 — 7:36 am