Environmental engineering and mitigation

It is important that environmental considerations be taken into account from the very first stages of geothermal resources development and that these considerations are noted in the design of a power plant. To this end, it is important to start gathering environmental baseline information as soon as possible and that an environmental impact assessment be carried out—the results of which will be of use in the power plant design. If environmental constraints are likely to be broken based upon available information about the geothermal fluid properties and composition and initial proposals for utilisation, it is the task of the environmental engineer to devise schemes to prevent such scenarios from unfolding. A geothermal power plant that is well designed with regard to the environment and well managed is not likely to cause environmental harm. However, as regulations and guidelines may change and conditions become more stringent with time, the environmental engineer must keep abreast of developments in the regulatory sphere that may increase environmental demands on a power plant, even if the operation remains in a steady phas

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