Information Reported by the Energy-Harvesting Node

The energy-harvesting node relays information to the sink node in the form of set message types. Messages are sent using the RF link to the sink node containing the following information:

• Sensor readings from the sensor modules attached to the energy-harvesting node and to the remote nodes: The sensor messages contain the source of the measurement, the measured value, and the message priority level for the message.

• Energy multiplexer module changes: These messages contain details of mod­ules added or removed from the energy multiplexer subsystem presented as

module type and physical location on the energy multiplexer subsystem and whether it has been added or removed.

• Energy module readings: These messages contain the current energy produc­tion rate in the case of harvesting modules or, in the case of storage modules, the amount of energy currently stored, and the physical location on the en­ergy multiplexer subsystem to which the reported module is connected.

Updated: September 30, 2015 — 11:25 am