System Dynamics Analysis

Marian Barbu

5.2System, Dynamics Analysis in Winter Regime

For simulation of the whole system, the scheme presented in Fig. 41 in Chap. “Functional Design of the mCCHP-RES System” was modified by taking into account the equipment characteristics mentioned above. The system simulation was done over a 3-days interval.

The operating conditions are given by the following mandatory requirements:

• the thermal power consumed in the domestic water circuit is that given by Fig. 26;

• the consumed electrical power (electrical load) is that shown in Fig. 27. The evolution of this power is the result of the useful consumed electrical power over a 24-h interval, to which, in permanent regime, the following consumptions were added: the consumption of the pump for the hot water circulation from the hot water tank to ventilo-convectors, the consumption of the Stirling engine heat exchanger, and the consumption of the circulation pump of the thermal agent from Stirling engine to the hot water tank. The consumption of the pellet boiler,

Fig. 28 Profile of the power generated by PV panel

the consumption of the circulation pump of the thermal agent from the pellet boiler to the hot water tank, and the consumption of the circulation pump for the DHW are taken into account only when they start to operate;

• the electric power of the PV source is that presented in Fig. 28.

Fig. 29 Battery voltage evolution in Winter Regime

Figure 32 presents the performances of the temperature control system of the thermal agent in the hot water tank (the set point is equal to 80 °C). The figure shows a very good behavior of the temperature control loop, the variations from the set point being smaller than 1 °C. The temperature variations are determined by the following: the variation of the power in the domestic water circuit and the variations of thermal power produced by Stirling engine. The temperature control of the thermal agent is achieved through the control of the pellet boiler (Fig. 33).

Fig. 33 Pellet boiler power evolution in Winter Regime

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