Contemporary Applications of Vortex Research

by Christopher Seebach

When, as children, we see the water spiralling down the bathtub drain, we can become aware that Nature works in a spiral. We later discover other phenomena in which this spin occurs, such as DNA, cyclones, beanstalks, magnets, galaxies and other forms of Nature, but few have considered that the spiral is the force behind all of Nature as have scientists like Schauberger, Pythagoras, John Ernst Worrell Keely (1837­1898) and Nichola Tesla (1856-1943).

Vortexian energies are the keys to life, for they are mirrored inside every living being of the planet. Once one realises this, then the whole notion of ‘mystery’ simply falls away. Walk through a forest, see a stream, look at your reflections in the stream; every part of that experience, on all levels, both visible and invisible, physical and spiritual is connected, for all of these are vortexian energy. It is not a question of harnessing this energy, but of releasing it from its confines and working with it in harmony. Vortexian energy, particularly in the case of water, derives from sympathetic harmonies and the avoid­ance of disharmony, as in the flow of energy patterns that are created by water as it becomes living water by moving through the bowels of the earth. This is a complex interplay of ‘vibration’, ‘direction’ and ‘force’, each of which is balanced both internally and externally. How is this energy to be released? The key here is the way in which this is done; for one needs to be in harmony with the planet in order to discover these sources of energy. Humanity has lived for so long under the spell of reductive science that it now requires totally new ways of understanding and perceiving in order to come to

terms with the existence and power of this energy. Natural spring or revitalised water does indeed ‘live’, not because it gives life, but because it is life, and of itself. Chemical analysis is inadequate in determining the biological properties of living/ activated water*. Any hydromineral therapist will tell you that you must drink the spring water from the source of a spa gradually (a quarter of a cup per day) or you will shock your system and become very ill until you get accustomed to it; alternatively you could drink the same water from a bottle several weeks later with no ill effect. (C. L. Kervan1 1966)

‘Dead’ water is often the result of humanity interfering with the water’s natural flow and energy forces. Water creates and follows energy lines in the Earth. These lines are mirrors of the frequencies put out by the effects of water’s vortexian energy. This mirroring** allows the water to move freely with no friction. Thus, if craft are to be designed to be able to use vortexian energy as a motive force***, they would do so not because of me power generated to overcome gravity and other forms of resistance, but because a frequency was set up which was in total harmony with the energies that lie at the heart of all matter. Thus there is no ‘friction’ or energy ‘imbalance’ between the matter that is trying to move and that which surrounds it. What is created is not a vacuum, but a field of

"The formula of water H2O could only be a simplification, perhaps admissible in the state of steam, but certainly not in the liquid state where there are ionised molecules. Water has been proved to contain H3O+ though in a small quantity, it also appears to contain H5O2+, H7O3+. It is now accepted that hydronium (H3O+) is an acid since it can give up a proton to the basic hydroxyl OH – which then becomes H2O. H2O is thus either an acid or a base, depending upon the medium, because in giving up one proton OH – remains, and in taking a proton up there is H3O+ (Water is therefore amphiprotic). Ref: C. L. Kervan1 1966 "Biological Transmutations" Crosby Lockwood.

**As to mirroring, specifically, we mean the setting of a harmonic frequency or resonance that duplicates that frequency range required for vortexian motion to occur unhindered. Indeed one could look at Nature as in perpetual vortexian motion, but there is a constant brake on it, so vortexian energy is only occasionally seen.

*** Sympathetic vibration in its simplicity is a usable force in activity; yet, with the radial activity of the latent force given in the sympathetic, synthetic, or syncothetic conditions, it then brings about the proper relationships which converts mem into a usable force. Build upon the principle set forth here. Bringing the combination or relativity of elements with the active force of sympathetic vibration into relationship creates a usable motive force. This may be applied in various forms to any active principle (paraphrased). Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) Association for Research and Enlightenment, Virginia Beach, USA.

"Ere many generations pass our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the universe… it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature". Nicola Tesla (1891)

harmony requiring very little or no force for actual movement through space, time or dimension.

In order for us to view the principles in the Austrian log chute project (see page 25), we must view nature from its own perspective and its very heart-parallels or clones of vortexian energy – rather than from a distorted view of reflection. Vortexian motion is present in all things – vortexian energy is created by the interplay between vortexian motion and the effect this motion has on that matter* that is placed next to it.** Different materials will have different ‘resistances’ to the transfer of vortexian motion from the mechanical surface to the water to be energised by the mechanical agitation of the water. The energising is affected by the density and molecular structure of the materials involved in the construction of the machine. Thus, when the water is given a vortexian motion by the design of the log chute, it transmits that motion to the surface molecules of the water and this transmission and the creation of a sympathetic frequency cause friction between the two to be removed, friction being disharmony and the result is the release or achievement/recognition of vortexian energy. Small temperature differences in the surface of the water affect the molecular structure of the surface that interacts with that of the wood on the chute, and the transfer of vortexian motion is affected by this molecular structure. In reality, it is the absence of friction that causes the motion, however, this is the result of energy which could be called vortexian energy as that is the source which creates it.

I was asked to write this article on the practical uses of this science, what it is and how vital it is today, from my own experience with the Aquarian Agency. Aquarian is a global service organisation of scientists, engineers, professionals, grass-root and alternative specialists in virtually every aspect of development from over 40 countries. All of their efforts have been combined to produce between them totally original viable solutions which will work with Nature’s rhythms. By enhancing the processes based on principles of natural law, we

*"There is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are ONE. Force is liberated matter. Matter is force in bondage". Keely2 1893

**"Coherent aggregates (any specific body (logs]) immersed in a medium (such as water or atmosphere) pulsating at their natural pitch (eigen frequency) simultaneously oscillate with the same frequency (of the medium), whether the pitch of the medium be a unison, or any harmonic (partial or component) of the fundamental (eigen frequency) pitch of the creative aggregate (body)". Keely 1893. (My italics) will create optimum conditions to accelerate the growth of plants and trees (without forcing them) in reafforestation programmes, while selectively creating an ideal environment for sustainable future ecosystems to develop. We have, in the course of the last twelve years, discovered the tools and methods to accomplish this, and a few are described below to illustrate the practical present-day applications based on the same principles Viktor Schauberger researched.

Aquarian was formed twelve years ago when a group of multi-disciplined professionals, became aware of the probable impact of major planet-wide cold and famine/drought cycles (occurring every 510 and 170 years) converging in these decades, combined with a rise in pollution levels (which threatened to reverse the cold trend to dangerous levels), anticipated the need for a socially, financially and scientifically viable sustainable form of development project which would provide the means for a solution. The solution promises that this planet does not have to become uninhabitable, nor does it have to repeat its past history of greenhouse effects, ocean risings and ice ages! A global reafforestation project in selected areas would influence the (macro) vortices of temperature, weather, and tidal flows to produce a harmonious and stable series of climate cycles. (Little attention is being paid to the thermal ocean currents and subsequent tidal changes being brought about by the greenhouse effect, nor the effect of the deforestation of Brasil and Central Africa on wind currents, on the Gulf Stream and other ocean currents.) This project would need to have the capacity to green both deserts and denuded forests, as well as have the right mix of agroforestry and intercroping of undergrowth species (for medicinal herbs, insect repellents, wildlife and remineralisation through decay) which would evolve during the next century into a self­sustaining ecosystem. It would also provide nourishment and an independent thriving economy for the communities main­taining these forests.

It became apparent over the years that programmes based on inorganic chemicals and selective mono-cultures would not work on a permanent basis. This will be attested by any who have witnessed the barren grey soil 7-12 years after a ‘green revolution’ project, which accomplished much needed miracles over a short term, but had to face the annual increase in costs of chemicals, industrial equipment and other major social and ecological costs. Therefore a natural and permanent self-sustaining system must be implemented.

Much of the Aquarian solution is made feasible by our ability to irrigate fully a billion new trees per year with desalinated water, provided at a fraction of normal capital, running and maintenance costs, using solar energy. Desalin­ated water is, however, lifeless. In our search for natural and cost effective ways to revivify it, we came across scientists who, like Viktor Schauberger, have been working with Nature to obtain the understanding to provide their solutions.

When rain falls, like distilled water, it is without life. It trickles down in spiraling motions around rocks beneath the ground, where it gradually meets a rising temperature, and begins at some point to percolate upwards, again in a spiraling motion, gathering mineral ions and life force until it meets light. There is a story that Schauberger once asked a farmer why there was a litde structure of rocks over the mouth of a stream. It was explained to him that if its shade was removed and the light let in the flow would stop. Schauberger had his men draw a diagram of the structure and dismanded it. The water flow did stop. The structure was replaced and the flow recommenced. This helped us to understand why rivers and streams disappear so quickly during deforestation, when the ground cover is removed. We will, in the future, be testing this by placing geodesic greenhouse domes (‘Aquarian Oasis Starters’) over such deforested areas, planting trees and undergrowth to encourage the water to flow again. Care must be taken to assure that when we are over aquifers (underground lakes of water), we are resurrecting mature living water on its way up and not dead water on its way down.

At the Emerson College (Rudolf Steiner’s3 biodynamics) in Sussex, England, tutor, sculptor and designer John Wilkes has been working on the development of ‘flowforms’ which transmute and purify water as it flows through a course of basins shaped in such a way as to cause a double vortex in a figure of eight, creating lemniscatory oscillation (See p. 135). Aquarian will be using John Wilkes’s ‘Flowforms’ to revitalise the desalinated water and, subsequendy the soil, thus giving the plants additional life force and mineralisation to resist disease and attain their optimum yield.

Relatively litde attention has been paid to the nature and vital quality of the water used in research on plants and soil or in studies or mixes for mortars and other building materials. There is a related technology that we may use, invented and developed by Wilfred Hacheney, based on vortexian motion, which is a water treatment machine consisting of a hyperbolic cylinder made of high grade steel and having, in the centre, a funnel shaped device placed over a blade rotating at six thou­sand rpm creating a non-euclidian path of motion. The enclosure shape and internal design of the cylindrical device causes a change in the direction of flow at regular intervals. At the moment of direction reversal, the water particles are subjected to extremely high acceleration, while any turbulence is avoided. This creates suction energy which is stored into the water in the form of micro-vortices. This process can be defined as a physical energising of the water which is hence called energised or ‘E-water’.

Some of the laboratory-proven effects of water energised by such treatment are particularly interesting from our point of view, having as they do very practical and exciting applications:

1. Plants in soil watered with ‘E-water’ grow faster with many times higher seedling survival rate. This results in higher values for plant growth, crop yield, crop quality and resistance of the plants to disease and pests. Packaged produce and food products prepared from these plants have a considerably longer shelf life.

2. Aquarian has developed building materials which can be made using the finest wind-blown desert sand and by the conversion of toxic waste products, like gypsum sulphate, which is derived from scrubbing sulphur from the flue gases of coal fired power stations, and gypsum phosphate waste derived from the manufacture of artificial fertilizer. These toxic materials are actually transmuted into a previously unfamiliar form of non-toxic hydraulic binding material through heat controlled vortexian action. Such building materials are invaluable in our programme for on-site con­struction of desalination plants, irrigation systems, superior housing, workers’ accommodation, schools etc and in deserts where the cost of shipping materials would render such programmes difficult. ‘E-water’ changes the mineral structure of such hydraulic binders or potentially hydraulic binding materials. The presence of ‘E-water’ in cement mixtures, hydraulic lines and dessicated clay or clay sand mixtures mainly results in the development of an amorphous structure

of the minerals instead of the normally expected crystalline mineral structure. This modification of the physical properties of the water mixed in this fashion with solid particles, creates unusually highly colloidal states[3] which lead to the following practical effects: considerably higher bonding capacity of the neat cement; higher resistance in compression and bending of the concrete; chemical resistance of the concrete up to pH2. New materials containing clay made to meet specific physical requirements (e. g. elasticity, resistance, installation against noise and temperature, heat retention, absorption of the electro-magnetic radiation, etc.) can now be made without going through a furnace.

3. The building materials and products derived from gypsum waste (mentioned above) have been developed by an application of vortexian action induced by a warped Achi – medes (or Tesla) screw. The screw induces a slow build-up of heat (as in the conversion underground of natural rain water) in the gypsum waste and converts it into a plaster-like hydraulic binder material which sets like stone similar to that in the Cheops Pyramid in Egypt. This can be mixed with fly ash or other aggregates and the subsequent products resist heat up to 2,400°C for several hours and cold to minus 170°C, representing a major breakthrough in construction and build­ing safety. Variation of the production process permits selective control of the setting-time and/or permeability, and the material will set even underwater (fresh/salt). Conduits similar to those found in ancient Iran and Babylon can be made where water seeps at a controlled rate for underground irrigation without salination or evaporation, and is easily moulded into flowforms, irrigation canals or pipes. Pipes can be made, according to designs by Walter Baumgartner,4 which use vortexian generation to propel the water to the point where it produces negative friction. This allows us to use vortex-action water pumps and Victor Sorokine’s5 ‘Self-Adjusting Turbine’ to transport irrigation/drinking water with little power con­sumption over vast areas of desert. Baumgartner, Hacheney, indeed, Walter Schauberger (Viktor’s son) and others like them, through their visionary and practical applications of vortexian energy are leading us into the 21 st century, with the prospect of virtually free energy and an understanding of Nature in all her workings.

These are special times demanding new solutions of sim­plicity and clarity to replace those crystalised structures which imprison our perspective of reality. We are, as a civilisation, trapped in a cycle of conditioned thought formulae which carry us like a whirlpool’s vortex into foregone conclusions.

To obtain real solutions, one should no longer strive to deal with the symptom but its cause (which can usually be attributed to imbalance); for solutions often have nothing to do with the presented problems. This requires us to use the right hemisphere of our brain6 to ‘see’ the solution using contemplation, brainstorming and lateral drinking; then only using the left hemisphere to work back deductively and scientifically in pinpointing the method to be used to imple­ment the solution (but not to think!). We need to look at science in the same manner – simply and clearly, if we are to even grasp the works of Viktor Schauberger and other scientists like him who have broken from the mould of trying to understand the ways of Nature by reducing her wonders to formulae and calculations created by men for men. We need to look at the notions of the ‘mysteries’ of Nature which are ‘mysteries’ only to humanity. This does not stop Nature from working, from being, from existing. Nature stands apart from human intellect, but this does not mean we cannot work alongside Nature. Nature has no secrets — only we have limitations in the way we approach and understand Nature. This means more than seeing Nature as a reflection or a distortion of its mirror image, but as parallels or clones of which we can be but one example.

Water lives at all times, it just needs to be released from its confines that our use of it has until now put it in. [4]

2. Keely was a pioneer of sympathetic vibratory physics and like Viktor Schauberger, is still the source of important study groups. The focaliser and publicist of a journal is Dale Pond of Delta Spectrum Research Inc., 4810 Airport Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916, USA.

3. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was the founder of the Anthroposophical movement. He believed that humankind could help Nature take a step above herself. With our cooperation, something is created which natural processes alone would not bring about Humankind, acting out of knowledge and with the help of Nature and her products, takes a step beyond Nature, assists in her development, becoming once again, a constructive participant in world evolution, not merely preserving and living from the fruits of the earth, but building and helping in Creation.

4. Walter P. Baumgartner is an expert on vortexian energy and its technical applications. He has a magazine "Energy Unlimited" offering news on scientific R&D in this field. (N. B. issue #20) Energy Unlimited, PO Box 3110, Laredo, Texas 78004, USA.

5. Victor Sorokine has over a thousand inventions of which many are concerned with water and the vortex. His vortex action Self Adjusting Turbine (Turbine Auto-Reglee) with constant C. O.E. up to 9896 is noiseless and without turbulence.

6. Buckminster Fuller in his book Critical Path stated that the only hope for humankind was that we use our transcendental mind (right hemisphere) for thinking and our left brain only for storage of information, as it is incapable of true thought. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell is noted for similar views and states that NASA trained all their astronauts to function this way as "up there that is all you can rely on". He calls the use of the left brain for thinking "the scourge of humankind".

The Aquarian Agency Ltd., is a global service agency and consultancy comprising people, technologies, and initiatives in over forty countries with an ever-evolving group vision and demonstration of what humanity and the technologies working with and for Nature can achieve. (Enquiries and/or participation welcomed.) Aquarian Agency Ltd, 405 Kingston Rd., Wimbledon Chase, London, SW20 8JS, England. Tel/fax (01) 543 5956

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