Continuing Research

After Viktor Schauberger’s death, biotechnical research has, in a practical way, concentrated on developing new methods and apparatus for the caring of the environment and for bio­synthesis. In Sweden there has also been background research into the physics of water and forests, from the direction pointed to by Schauberger’s work.

Projects for water and air filtration, usually led by Walter Schauberger, has led to new patents for models of apparatus. On the following page is shown an apparatus for exhaust control on motor vehicles or heating installations. Other variations of this can be used for promoting other reactions, for example, synthesis. The models shown have specially shaped-reaction chambers of a certain material that is impor­tant as a catalyst. Built for the separation of, for example,

Continuing Research

This diagram shows an apparatus for oxygenating water. A specially – designed agitator is attached to a suitably-shaped reaction vessel in a water reservoir. The agitator creates a whirlpool-like swirl which sucks air into the water. The increased oxygenation breaks down pollution.

sulphur dioxide from exhaust gases, these enter the chamber at inlet A, at a certain pressure, and are directed into a strong, wavering motion through the chamber’s inner wall, down towards the narrower neck, where they mix with the reaction mixture, in this case water, which is drawn in through B. The sulphur dioxide reacts with water and sulphuric acid is formed. This then moves in a spiral upwards to the lengthened pipe, C, finally to drain out via the outlet. The exhaust gases freed from the sulphur flow at the same time through the same pipe, concentrated within the pipe’s narrow longitudinal shape.

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