The Spiral Plough

Schauberger also wondered if the conventional plough even functioned biologically correctly. Here, also, his ideas on the

The Spiral Plough

The spiral plough should duplicate the work of the mole. The dashed line with an arrow shows the movement of soil through the plough.

importance of natural motion were relevant. It occurred to him that soil should be directed into a centripetal motion when ploughed, and mis led him to develop the ‘spiral plough’, though this never passed the model stage. Its principle of turning the soil was much the same as that used by the burrowing mole. Because of the shape of the cutting and turning blades, the plough should work the soil with almost no resistance, rendering it free from the pressure and friction and consequent heating that accompany use of the normal plough. The spiral plough was not meant to be used for deep ploughing, but only for the treatment of the surface soil. Schauberger was against deep ploughing and sided with the biologically and ecologically-influenced farming community, which thought deep ploughing only disturbed the micro­organisms’ important work and upset the natural levelling of the mouldy top soil.23

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  • Vegar haraldsen  says:

    Hi, do you know where i can buy this plough? Do you have machine/fabrication drawings?

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