In 2012 Austria installed about 230W of new PV systems and more than doubled its cumulative capacity to 417MW. The Okostrom-Eispeisetarifverordnung 2012 (eco-electricity decree) is the regulation that sets the prices for the purchase of electricity generated by green power plants. An investment subsidy with a budget of €36 million in 2013 is also in place. Regardless of the size of the systems, a maximum of 5 kWp is supported, with 300 €/kWp for add-on and ground-mounted systems and 400€/kWp for building-integrated systems. Operators of PV systems larger than 5 kWp can choose to opt for the so-called net-parity tariff (Netzparitats – Tarif) for a period of 13 years. Since 1 January 2013, this option has only been available for systems on buildings.


Despite high solar radiation, solar photovoltaic system installation in Portugal has grown only very slowly, reaching a cumulative capacity of 229MW at the end of 2012.

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