Parameter determination

The presented analysis can be performed with all parameters given as local parameters in a parameter mapping. Here, we analyze industrial monocrys­talline silicon solar cells, which suffer from high local series resistance. In this case, an image of the effective series resistance Rerii is of interest (see previ­ous sections); for all other parameters global parameters are used.

From the light-IV characteristics, we determine the short circuit current density Jsc which in good approximation equals the photocurrent density Jph for moderate series resistance. For monocrystalline solar cells, the assump­tion holds that the local photocurrent density Jphi equals the global photo­current density Jph.

The Jsc-Voc characteristic is used to determine the saturation current densities of the first and the second diodes and the shunt resistance. Since the Jsc-Voc characteristic is not affected by series resistances, the fit of the two-diode model results in physically realistic values for standard industrial solar cells. We again use the assumption that the local recombination prop­erties equal the global recombination properties because monocrystalline silicon solar cells are investigated.

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