Technical implementation

To carry out the calculations as indicated in Eq. (5.79), all parameters which are available as mappings have to be matched by means of scaling, rotation and translation. Note that Aloc is limited by the measurement technique hav­ing the lowest resolution.

Since the local two-diode model (see Eq. 5.56) is given implicitly for Vappl we apply Newton-Raphson’s method. Already, after a few iterations, a value forJextr, i follows with a very high precision. As indicated in Eq. (5.79), we add up all local currents to the global current and thus obtain one IVdata pair. IV data pairs with a typical resolution as used for standard IVmeasurements have to be calculated to obtain a complete IV characteristic.

The calculated light-IV characteristics from the LIA approach has to be compared to the experimentally measured light-IV characteristics. We take a good agreement of the model data with the experimental data as an indica­tion ofthe physical validity ofthe used parameters and the applicability ofthe model of independent diodes.

Updated: June 30, 2015 — 9:42 pm