Results are presented here on each technology first individually, and then in combination. Each section addresses the relevant hypotheses and research questions, as well as any other significant results. Conclusions and discussion of these findings follow in Chapter 5.

Results for Greenhouse with SHCS subsoil heat storage system

During a series of experiments, the subsoil heat storage system resulted in varied improvements in greenhouse performance, as compared to the reference greenhouse. Two air flow rates were used, 225 cmh for Periods 1-3 and 675 cmh for Period 5. Results covering the effect of SHCS on nightly low greenhouse air temperatures are presented and compared, followed by its effect on day time temperatures. Energy exchange results for the SHCS and thermal mass are compared to each other within Periods 3 and 5. The performance of the SHCS relative to thermal mass is compared between periods. The results are compared across periods, to the limited extent that is possible. Results for the distribution of temperatures within the soil are presented for Period 5. Finally, agronomically important effects of the SHCS are reported.

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