Centrifuge Separator

The centrifuge separator consists essentially of a compartment spun about a central axis which separates the contained materials. The unit separates the liquid element from the solids (or liquid/liquid) through their specific weight differential by means of the centrifugal motion. The higher the differential, the easier the sepa­ration. The feed wine is pumped to the centrifugal separator and the centrate (wine) is taken from the separator outlet. The unwanted particles are drawn of at the bottom in the concentrate, although some wine may be reclaimed from this waste. There are two types of centrifuge separator commonly used in the modern winery; disc bowl and decanter. The decanter is more applicable at the early stages of the winemaking process in removing larger solids, whilst the disc bowl is more often used towards the end of the process (Figs. 4.70, 4.71).

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