The CSP market first emerged in the early 1980s but lost pace in the absence of government support in the United States. However, a recent strong revival of this market is evident with 14.5 GW in various stages of development across 20 countries and 740 MW of added CSP capacity between 2007 and 2010 While many regions of the world, for instance, Southwestern United States, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Is­rael, India and China, provide suitable conditions for the deployment of CSP, market activity is mainly concentrated in Southwestern United States and Spain, both of which are supported with favorable policies, invest­

ment tax credits and feed-in tariffs (Wolff et al. 2008). Currently, several projects around the world are either under construction, in the planning stages, or undergoing feasibility studies and the market is expected to keep growing at a significant pace (REN21, 2011).