The solar PV-grid system consists of 80 kW PV module. The solar PV module is a 72-cell (6 x 12) poly-crystalline (model number CS6X-300M, manufactured by Canadian Solar) with a rated power of 300 Wp and can produced maximum 600 V DC. The detailed technical specifications of this model are presented in Table 1. The lifetime of the PV array is as­sumed to be 25 years (which is equivalent to worldwide warranty pro­vided by the manufacturer). The initial cost of the PV is taken as US$2322 (or US$2400) per kW (Adaramola et al. [5]). The derating factor and the ground reflectance are taken as 80% and 20%, respectively and no track­ing system is included in the PV system.

Since the power output from the solar PV module is in DC, power inverter system is required to converter the PV power output to AC power. The size of the converter is determined using Solectria String Sizer tool [11] and it was found that one PVI 85KW/PVI 85KW-PE inverter model can supply the required AC power output. This inverter model is designed for grid-tied electricity system. The technical speci­fications of this model are presented in Table 2. The cost of this in­verter model is given as $28,250 [12]. The shipment, import duty and related costs are assumed to be 30% of the cost of the inverter. There­fore, the total initial cost of the inverter model is taken as US$36725 (or US$432/kW). The lifetime of a unit is taken as 15 years with an average efficiency of 90%.

TABLE 2: The technical specifications of the selected inverter [14].



DC Input

Absolute max voltage

600 VDC

MMPT voltage range

300-500 VDC

Max operating

264 A

AC Output

Nominal voltage

208, 240, 480 or 600 VAC, 3-Ph (3 wire standard, 4 wire option)

Continuous power (VAC)

85 kW

Continuous current (VAC)



Peak efficiency


Ambient temp. range (full power)

-40°F to +131°F