A cell with a separation of about ~0.65 mm between the active 90% semi­conducting electrode and a regular CNT counter electrode was created. A piece of 1 mm thick glass was locally machined to create a central depres­sion with a connection to a ramped section. The glass was cleaned and masked in the non-machines areas. The glass was sprayed with the 2/3 semiconducting and 1/3 metallic nanotubes mixture. A second piece of glass was masked with the same pattern as the machined glass piece and sprayed with 90% semiconducting CNTs. The two nanotube electrodes were connected to external electrodes and the cell was filled with elec­trolyte and sealed with liquid silicone sealant. The liquid silicone was al­lowed to dry and harden creating a seal. The thin cell has an exposed surface area of ~48.9 mm2 with a distance of 0.55-0.75 mm between the electrodes.

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