Costs of Commercial OLED Lighting Panels

Manufacturing cost breakdown per square meter is presented for year 2012-2013 for mass production. Total cost of panel is $250.00/m2.

The price of the OLED lighting panel is still very high. Consequently, some companies are focusing on a high valued lighting market. They predict that OLED white light products may be limited to only the high-valued market for a few years because of high price. For general lighting, it is necessary to reduce the cost substantially. The cost reduction strategy of the OLED lighting panel in 2020 will be:

(i) OLED materials: <$10/m2

(ii) Glass, light extraction, TCO, encapsulation, other: <$30/m2

(iii) Labor: <$5/m2

(iv) Equipment (entire line): <$20/m2.

The total cost per square meter will be about $65 or less by 2020.

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