What is GIS and why?

The GIS (Geographic Information System) is a tool for computational treatment of geographical data and their associated data banks. It can be seen as a system of support for decision that unites spatially referenced data in an ambient of replies to problems. SIG groups, brings together and unites information. Through this available information becomes more accessible, and old information is put into a new context. In this project, the GIS is used as a tool that permits the integration and processing of information from diverse sources. From this it is possib

Подпись: Figure 3 - Productive applications in community with photovoltaic solar energy: electric fence and school.

the elaboration of strategies for implantation and management of rural electrification with renewable energy.

The GIS is a valuable tool for evaluation and development of the use of renewable energy resources in large regions, because it is a tool that is specially adequate for analyzing the spatial variabilities of the resource as well as also for resolving problems of management and planning of installation programs of decentralized systems, that are characterized by a great spatial dispersion.

The solar resource is strongly influenced by altitude, latitude and phytogeographical conditions; the aeolic resource for rugosity and topography of land and finally the biomass for its soil characteristic and pluviometric conditions.

In its turn, management and planning of renewable energy systems, is a task that besides knowledge on energy resource needs knowledge on the nearest technical assistance center, a diagnosis of the most frequent defects, information from installed systems, the proximity to electric transmission lines, the energy demand, the laws that regulate land use, the indices of human development and non electrification and tools for dimensioning the systems for the given local demand, among others. All these interelationships can be collected, quickly quantified and visualized spatially by the intrinsic management capacity of a GIS system.

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 12:40 pm