The "5 MW Solar" Project and the "SIG Vitale Range&quot

Since 2004, SIG has embarked on the "5 MW Solar" project and committed itself to grow solar production in Geneva ten-fold within five years. This objective was already achieved after three years whilst most people had considered it unrealistic at the time it was started. SIG has set up a voluntary support policy with the products "Green SIG Vitale" and "Sun SIG Vitale". This pioneer initiative in Switzerland was followed by Zurich in 2006 and Bern in 2007.

As of end 2009, 15% of all power consumers in Geneva buy "green electricity" adding up to 180 million kWh annually; a part of it was produced from PV. The commitment of Geneva’s SIG was recognized internationally in 2008 when it was awarded the Prize from the Swiss Solar Agency.

Power for the World by W. Palz

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