Shell’s Solar Factory in Gelsenkirchen: "We Want to Earn Money"ф

If even the biggest oil companies shift to renewable energies, why still against renewable energies? Shell Solar built its first European solar factory with 25 MW in Gelsenkirchen, Germany instead of Bilten, Switzerland. The author was invited


Figure 37. Shell Solar opens Europe’s first 25-MW solar factory in Gelsenkirchen/Germany (instead of Bilten/Switzerland) in November 1999.

to the inauguration of the first Shell Solar Factory by Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer on November 16, 1999. Also several Ministers and about 150 media represen­tatives were present. After the failed attempt of Shell to dump an old oil platform in the German Sea in 1995 and several consumer boycotts of shell service stations, the media representatives were not sure if they could trust the CEO of Shell. He was aware of that and suddenly asked: "But do you think we want to earn money?" — After deathly silence from the public, van der Veer added: "Shell has been active in energy business for 100 years now. If we want to earn money for another 100 years, which we want, we have to shift to solar energy; because as you all know, oil reserves will not last that long."

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