First European Award for PlusEnergy Buildings of CHF(^$) 100,000

In order to promote PEB around Europe, there will be a Swiss and European Award for Plus Energy Buildings in 2010. It is the goal of this PEB Award to support architects and engineers according to the actual PEB level of technology in order to realise PEB possibly nationwide. The most creative architects, engineers and businessmen realise increasingly efficient buildings consuming less energy at full comfort: PEB produce more energy than they averagely need for their total heating, warm water and electricity aPhoton 1/2010, p. 51: The equity price of the Chinese enterprise Trina Solar has increased by 410.7% since January 1, 2009. In Europe, equity prices of solar enterprises have drastically decreased.

bPhoton 1/EU, Joint Research Centre, Renewable Energy Unit, PV Status Report 2009,

p. 101.

supply. They sell their electricity excess to the public grid and therefore reduce CO2 emissions. The total prize money of the award in 2010 is CHE 100,000 or € 70,000.a All objects are first verified by a technical commission and then awarded by an international jury according to the following categories:

1. Best PlusEnergyBuildings Swiss PEB

2. PEB with best integrated solar cells (Lord Norman Foster Solar Award)

Applications are accepted until May 15 of each year, for the first time in 2010. For further information contact Solar Agency Switzerland, P. O. Box 2872, 8033 Zurich; info@solaragentur. ch

Gallus Cadonau


Gallus Cadonau was born in Waltensburg/Grisons. After school, in his hometown, he did an apprenticeship as machinist and worked as aeromechanic in Diibendorf/ Zurich and Payerne/Vaud (1965­1996); Higher School Certificate at the cantonal grammar school for adults (KME) (1972-1975); and Oxford/GB; study of law at University of Zurich, lic. iur. (1975-1981); traineeship at Registry of Deeds, at the cantonal and administrative court of Grisons and at a lawyer’s office in Chur (1982-1985); popular election as constitutional council of the canton of Zurich 2000-2005). Photo on top: Gallus Cadonau with the Swiss Councillor and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Micheline Calmy-Rey, 22 June 2003.

• 1978-1991: Environment and jobs: Creation of sustainable jobs in alpine regions, co-founder of the hotel cooperative Ucliva for sustainable tourism (1978-1991: CO2-free hotel

PEB Award 2010 of CHF 100,000: www. solaragentur. ch

building with 72 beds and 100% renewable energy sources; award for scenery preservation in 1981; 3 EU awards; award by Council of Europe in 1988; Swiss eco-hotel of the year in 1997/98).

• 1978-1986: Protection of environment, landscape and wa­ters: Commitment against the destruction of alpine rivers; salvation of landscapes at the Vorder Rhine and on the Greina plateau; from 1986 co-founder and director of Swiss Greina Foundation (SGS; with approximately 50 National Councillors and Councillors of States as well as 102,000 members/benefactors); several sustainable amendments of constitutional law such as the "introduction of a landscape cent” for the protection of landscapes of national importance which was taken as a model in the UN year of mountains in 2002; several amendments of the constitutional law in the fields of energy, water and spatial planning as well as water, landscape and environmental protection legislation; several voting campaigns from 1975 on; www. greina-stiftung. ch

• From 1978: Renewable energies and energy efficiency: Co­founder of the Tour de Sol and vice-president SSES, Foun­dation Tour de Sol, director of the Solar Agency Switzerland with Swiss and European Solar Prize Award, European Championship of Alpine Solarcars, European Solar Challenge, International Solarcar Federation/Steward World Solar Chal­lenge (1985-1996); vice-president Euro-/Swissolar; Euro­pean Solar Council/Paris/Steering Committee European Solar PV Conference. Bipartisan alliance for solar and an energy levy in the National Council and the energy legislation (EnG); president of Clean Energy St. Moritz, enforcing of legal claim for carefully integrated solar installations in 2007; K. H. Gyr Award of the culture foundation of Zug for cultural, scientific and social pioneering achievements; info@solaragentur. ch

• Sports: Judoka and coach of J. C. Diibendorf; multiple Judo Champion in Grisons and British Champion in 1971/BJA; ski and street marathons; member of the recourse commission of the Swiss Judo Association; initiator and co-organiser of the constitutional run in 2005 with sports associations with approximately 150 media pieces in 6 weeks.


Wolfgang Palz in front ofthe PV facade ofthe public library of Mataro, Spain, in 1992. It was one of the first semitransparent solar facades in Europe, co­financed by an EU programme.

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