15th PEB conclusion for Barack Obama: yes, you can build a White PEB House (Open Letter)

Dear Mr. President, as President of the United States you visited Saudi Arabia in spring 2009. According to the media, you were asking your hosts to send less money to Pakistan and Afghanistan because it might be used for financing terrorists’ actions. We have to ask ourselves if those who are obstructing the use of renewable energies in our countries and sustaining the payments aProf. Dr. Bernard Lane published several professional articles at the University of Bristol/UK on the subject. They were in parts also published in practically all Swiss newspapers and magazines; in occasion of the hotel inauguration in December 16, 1983, there were also several articles in German newspapers such as Frankfurter Allgemeine, Siiddeutsche Zeitung, Der Stern, Berliner Morgenpostand others.

of billions of $ and € for oil imports from Arabian countries are not financing terrorist actions as well? Due to such obstructing behaviour, the equity prices of most innovative US and EU solar enterprises (Sunpower, First Solar and Q-Cells, Connergy and Solarworld etc.) have decreased by 60% and more, whereas Chinese enterprises capture the most innovative high-tech market with their products and show increases in equity prices of over 400%.a In 2009, the Chinese government decided to invest 309 billion € in renewable energies and 436 billion € in new energy grids (smart – grids) instead of investing in the financial sector by paying huge bonuses to bankers. b With Sunpower, the US is producing the probably most efficient solar cells of the world, while Central Europe disposes of technological businesses that are building the most efficient apartment and business buildings in the world. Therefore, we propose you to refurbish the White House into a modern PlusEnergy Building and to set a clear and strong standard for energy, environment and job discussions in the US, Europe and worldwide. PS: In Europe, the best examples of PEB are awarded a Solar Prize amounting to CHE 100,000. A White PEB House would also be considered for the award. We therefore thank you for a favourable consideration.

Updated: August 23, 2015 — 7:20 am