14th PEB conclusion of Socrates: independence is the precondition for freedom

As millions of other examples from SMEs, the history of the hotel Ucliva shows that renewable energies create jobs and lead to a sustainable, regional ecology of public interest. Renewable energies and in particular solar energy can be used on all continents and even in far-away communities by the local population. The sun is shining for us all and supplies enough energy for free in order to be independent and to free ourselves from non-renewable energies that will come to an end in the 21st century—all in the true sense of Socrates’ words: Independence is the precondition of freedom. Why do politicians and media representatives listen to those "energy experts” that know the use of renewable energies from hearsay only? Why do they not rely on empirical and scientifically proved figures? Why are they not interested in the measuring results of the past years? And think about the future generations and about the consequential costs of their energy behaviour? By asking these questions, the energy illiterates can be identified.

Updated: August 23, 2015 — 5:32 am