13th PEB conclusion: creating jobs with ecological behaviour

All these examples show that the opponents’ arguments against renewable energies are based on lack of knowledge and ignorance of facts—to the disfavour of SMEs that have no lobby for PR campaigns. The main argument Bill Clinton used in 1996 in his successful election campaign is still the same today: "It’s the economy, stupid.” The main argument is jobs and then ecology. In 1978, a majority of Waltenburg’s inhabitants combated the drainage of the Rhine and fought for its preservation up to Federal Court. Their action resulted in approximately 15 jobs (some of them part time) and the biggest employer in town. In 1988, the ecologic hotel was awarded by the Council of Europe in Strassbourg (see Fig. 44.51).a Thereupon it aCouncil of Europe, European campaign for the countryside: "Enhanced public awareness and changed attitudes towards mountain holidays” (result: Corporaziun Quaterfegl—today: Ucliva), project 119, p. 303. The prize money amounted to 5000 ECU—corresponding to approximately € 5000 today.

was also cited by the University of Bristol/UK as a model for the "development of rural areas”.a

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